Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some Pics from Israel

Here are some of my pics from Israel that I neve got to put up, hope you enjoy and I have more I can put up of people are interested.

Graduation 2006 Suffolk Law

So.....I appologize for not keeping up to date with this but...i am back....had some computer troubles in Israel and just never got back to this.

So I graduated this past week...what a blast....what a week of partying and making sure to keep in touch with old as well as new friends. Commencement was great. Former Mayor of NY Gulliani was the speaker and what a great speech he gave. Funny, interesting and thought provoking all on one. I was so psyched to be graduating that when they called my name to get the diploma I almost froze and when I finally moved I was in my own world until halfway down the stage i got it together and gave a first down sign in front of everybody on stage which lead to a chorus of laughter.

My family and close friends were in attendance, and while I couldnt invite everyone that has had an impact in my life, I appreciate all of the congratulations I have recieved from everyone lately. Thanks!!!!!!

Well thats it for now.....I will try to keep this up to date on a weekly basis.

Until then.....

Shye T.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Israel is amazing!!!!!!!!!

I don't know where to start. The flight to Israel was nuts.....what a flight didnt sleep a wink.....partly because of the excitement and partly because movies like 40 year old virgin and espn classic were on constant play on the screen in front of me. Anyways....we departed from logan at 7:30 pm, and arrived in London England....home of Sir Allistair Ward, at roughly 6:30 in the morning. Heathrow was kick ass for a few reasons...first it was the first time I had stepped foot in England and second....there was a brand new Aston Marton DB7 there waiting for me when i arrived. At 7:50 AM we boarded the flight, and the captain informed us that we would be delayed because the wings had accumulated some ice on them, and so some special truck needed to come by and use a hose with what looked like water to de-ice the wings. Tip #1 never fly with ice on the wings.....so after a short delay we took off, and the pilot informed us that he had recieved clearance to fly a different route to Israel and we would get to Ben Gurion Airport on time even after the delay.
At approximately 3:30 PM we hit the coast of israel, from the mediteranean, and to say that I got choked up is an understatement. What a feeling it was to be back after 12 long years. We had a car waiting for us at the airport, a Diahatsu Sirion, wow a piece of machinery that is...the pictures will speak for themselves.
So because my time is limited I will list what we have done so far.
1. Visited the Grandmother at her assisted living building, and had Hannukkah Sufganyot (donuts) with her and talked to her about the way life was and how it is now.
2. Visited my Grandfather's grave, which included an experience where 3 grown men got choked up, (Dad, Unlce, and Myself)
3. Had my first Pita with Shawarma (sliced turkey on a spit) with loads of pickles, Humus and Tahina.
4. Went to Tel Aviv where I met up with Brent, and had coffee with him at a cafe in Tel Aviv
Thats the short of it. There is plenty more to come, stay tuned...and as always. thanks for reading.......
Good Night....all the best.


Sunday, December 25, 2005

Twas the night before.....wait it was Hanukkah


Its the night before I take my flight to the motherland....and Hanukkah.....as most of you know I dropped my phone in some mudd yesterday and lost all the numbers...so send em or call I have a new phone with the same number. Anyways.....the fam and I did what any Jews would do on Christmas the birth of Jesus and Santa....we went to Foxwoods.....Matt sorry we didn't call, but we were short one Yamulka. So after 50 minutes waiting in line for a buffet....yes I bitched for all but 5 minutes.....Nisim put me in the Razor's Edge and I was out for 5 we finally ate at the famed Buffet. Now let me say that although I ate enough Prime Rib to kill a small dog, it wasn't worth the wait. So belly full and wallet empty...I watched Avi and my dad at the blackjack table.....and started to hit the free...thats right....free bud lights.....well thats all for December 25, 2005. See you all next year, and I hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas and Hanukkah, I know I did. Peace in the Middle East, at least till I leave.

All the best

Shye Tzadok

Oh btw.....Ben here is a link.....


Monday, December 19, 2005

Its a week before I leave

So, I am in the library.....I have an exam today at 6 which I am more than ready for, and I cant stop thinking that in a week I will be flying to Israel. Hope everyone is doing well getting ready for the holidays, and I want to wish everyone in advance a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. There are so many things I have left to do, before I leave.....see 3 movies at least. King Kong, Syriana, and of course with all the hype behind it.....Munich. Pack, do laundry, get some gifts.....Well thats about it......looking forward to the comments you all have......and anyone who has cool pics from Rob's Party....please post them...sorry I missed it. Here is a pic of the two men that the Israeli government must know in advance...will be there.

All the Best.

Shye Tzadok

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

And so it started

Just wanted to start this blog for all those interested.......here is a picture of my two wrestling buddies.....happy birthday Sean...I will be posting pictures and stories during my trip to the holy land......

Bye for now